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Most Popular Articles

Article Web To Mail Form
Novice Form is a PHP Form Processor script, which is offered to the internet public at no charge. This form processor is purposed for fast...
Views: 7540
Article Email Accounts - Add, Delete and Manage
Problem: Where do I Add, Delete and Manage Email Accounts? Solution: 1. Log into...
Views: 3854
Article DNS MX Record Modification
Problem: I would like to change my mx record, so I can use a mailserver with another provider. Solution: You can easily change MX Record of a...
Views: 3797
Article suPHP
777 – Do I need directories set to this? My install script says that I do. No, you do not need to have directories or files set to 777, even...
Views: 2864
Article Creating Backup File
How do I save an entire backup copy of my account? I want to save it on my local PC? You can generate backup thru Cpanel backup feature during...
Views: 2638

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